Intrigued by the cannabis industry boon, we explored by–products of consumer participation vs. consumer product/services.

Twitter + Quirky + joint = STOOPIDGOOD

STOOPIDGOOD acknowledges all ideas have value—even if conceived while imbibing. Whether solving world hunger or just making a better Big Mac—ideas are shared, voted on, and possibly made real.

  • Role ideation/design/function/research with fantastic teammates: Lan Nguyen, Amy Lan, Heidi Cho
  • For Art Center College of Design: UX class

The Home page greets users with the friendly smile of the fluid Idea Pool—where all idea scrolling happens.

The Idea Pool is Jello-like in consistency—reacting to the movement of the device.

Scrolling up has a popping feel and optional sound effect—a fun way to scroll through ideas as you vote.

Large menu buttons help users, who may be seeing double, to navigate easily.

Of course users can customize their screen to whatever inspires them most.

Video: research & functionality